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Program @ a Glance:

June 2, 2015


June 3, 2015


June 4, 2015


Tuesday June 2, 2015 Technology Showcase & Vendor Workshops

Tuesday June 2, 2015

Check in and pick up registration materials starting at 7 am and continuing throughout the day.

Technology Showcase & Vendor Workshops

Come meet our sponsors and vendors.  See what's new and exciting.  Ask an expert about the products you have been interested in for your campus.

9:00am Vendor Workshops


Title: Stump a Print Expert

Presenting Representative: Alan Morris, Senior Support Engineer, PaperCut

Workshop Summary: Alan will share with you some of the experiences he has had during his 15 years in the Microsoft print team. He’ll also look at the evolution of print over this time and how all these learnings are now supporting his work at PaperCut.  You can then “ask him anything” about print or PaperCut.

Sassafras Software

Title: K2-KeyServer: Under the Hood with a Master Mechanic

Presenting: John Tomeny, K2 "Master Mechanic"

Here are thirty five things that (some of) you didn't know you could do with K2. Learn how to create electronic signage with Computer (Lab) Availability Maps. Learn how to analyze today's new software licensing plans for cost reduction - even for Creative Cloud and other Enterprise licensing plans.

Get the latest details on Enterprise-level and Departmental-level administration of K2 - and even how to provide "view-only" privileges for Help Desk. Learn how to discretely manage multiple academic and administrative entities with a single K2 installation. 

These, and many more topics will be covered by K2 "Master Mechanic", John Tomeny.  John will draw from 23 years of working with and teaching K2-KeyServer administrators.  This highly-interacitve and hands-on instructional session will be offered in two parts.


Title: VeraLab – All in One Computer Lab Management System

Presenting Representative: Max Soloviev

VERALAB is a one stop lab management and control system for all your day-to-day activities in any lab.

It addresses many routine activities such as user sign-in, wait-listing, access control, computer maintenance, employee management, reporting, software metering, inventory management, and more.

Learn how to prepare your environment and rapidly deploy VERALAB in your organization.


10am-10:15am Break


10:30am-11:30am Vendor Workshops:


Title: LabStats online/Labstats 6 Top to Bottom

Presenting Representative: Clint Moses and ShaNeil Harada

Workshop Summary: Learn how to deploy LabStats to gather hardware and software utilization data that will help you better manage technology resources.  This workshop will provide a high-level overview of how to install and configure LabStats in your environment. We will also highlight some reporting basics. We are firm believers that you can't manage what you don't measure. Come learn why colleges and universities around the globe use LabStats as their measurement tool of choice

Sassafras Software

Title: K2-KeyServer: Under the Hood with a Master Mechanic

Presenting: John Tomeny, K2 "Master Mechanic"

Here are thirty five things that (some of) you didn't know you could do with K2. Learn how to create electronic signage with Computer (Lab) Availability Maps. Learn how to analyze today's new software licensing plans for cost reduction - even for Creative Cloud and other Enterprise licensing plans.

Get the latest details on Enterprise-level and Departmental-level administration of K2 - and even how to provide "view-only" privileges for Help Desk. Learn how to discretely manage multiple academic and administrative entities with a single K2 installation. 

These, and many more topics will be covered by K2 "Master Mechanic", John Tomeny.  John will draw from 23 years of working with and teaching K2-KeyServer administrators.  This highly-interacitve and hands-on instructional session will be offered in two parts.


11:30am-12pm Computer Comforts & AT&T Stadium Tour Attendees will pick up lunch and load on buses, buses leave at 12p


11:30am-1pm LUNCH for non CC&ATT Tour attendees.


12pm-5pm- Computer Comforts & AT&T Stadium Tour


1:00pm-5:00pm- On Campus Tours and Vendor Showcase

Choose to visit with vendors or to take a tour. Current on campus tour options:

  • The Flexible Computing Facility Tour 

    Presenters: Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Ray Banks, and Curry Searle

    Presentation Summary: The Flexible Computing Facility will take place in the UIT Computer-Based Testing Center located in Sage Hall 330 and will present a discussion of the flexible multi-purpose technical setup of the Center and its outgrowth into our student computer lab, our computer classrooms at the UNT Discovery Park and our Mobile Testing Center.  A background about the construction of the Testing Center and the needs it fulfills will begin the presentation along with a brief description of the initial idea of configuring and re-configuring the Center computers at the touch of a button (utilizing Microsoft SCCM and tools available through the UNT Checkin application).  Following this will be the further development of this idea - our onboarding of the Discovery Park computer classrooms into this idea thereby increasing their flexibility and usage - and our configuration of the Mobile Testing Center bringing secure online computing in any classroom as needed.  A demonstration of this flexibility will be featured and light refreshments will be provided.

  • On Campus Technology Tour- visit some of the IT highlights for the University of North Texas including the DataCenter, the TALONS,

  • On Campus Remote Site Tours-

Vendors for the showcase inlude:


5:00pm-6:00pm Break and travel to Opening ceremony


6:00pm-8:00pm- Welcome Event and Opening Ceremonies

Tuesday Evening Welcome Event @ UNT on the Square

We are excited to announce that Johnny Quinn, USA Olympic Bobsled team member and UNT Alum will be speaking at our opening ceremony! 

Following the welcome reception, you may want to enjoy some of the many resturaunts and clubs on the Denton Square, or meet us at Eastside Social Club, where you can usually find a variety of food trucks.



Wednesday June 3, 2015


Open registration- CheckIn and pick up registration materials


8:00am-8:50am Sessions:

Title: Piloting Virtual Computer Labs

Presenter: Weston Taylor

Title: Lab and Instructional Technology Specialist

Organization: Colorado College

Intended Audience: Lab administrators who manage student staff

Presentation Summary: Several options are available for students to use campus-owned software in a computer lab. This session will explore some of the current possibilities and the presenter's experiences piloting a number of them, including suggestions for successful implementation and use of them.

Participants will learn about different options for creating a virtual computer lab and identify one or two advantages and disadvantages of each of the lab options.


Title: Win/Win - Combining Student Employment and Internship Programs to Hire and Retain The Best!

Presenters Name: Corey Davidson, Beverly Wilks 

Title: Internship Coordinator, Student Employment Coordinator

Organization: UNT Career Center

Intended Audience: Higher Education IT support personnel, Lab Managers, Advisors, Faculty, Staff, Librarians Style of Presentation: Classroom (Traditional) Lecture

Presentation Summary: Learn how to create a successful Internship program by combining on-campus student employment resources and internship requirements to attract and retain the best candidates for your positions. With a few simple changes, you can allow students to earn class credit, improve their resume, earn a paycheck, and not lose them to other jobs!


Title: Title TBD

Presenter: Britain Woodman

Title: Learning Technologies Specialist

Organization: University of Michigan Library

Intended Audience: From perspective of hi-ed IT support staff; involves library circulation and collection development elements.

Presentation Summary: Our fully-playable archive of video games, computer games, handhelds, and board/card games has become a popular and valued resource to the campus and our community over the past six years. Due to consolidation of IT support, I recently became its tech support specialist. I am prepared to talk about the reasons for its founding, our policies, and some of the unique challenges of acquiring and supporting games, particularly old and obscure titles.


Title: Chromebooks and VDI in an Active Learning Classroom: Lessons Learned

Presenter: Mark Henry

Title: Manager of Virtualization & Learning Technologies

Organization: Texas A&M University

Presentation Summary: Chromebooks offer a low cost alternative to desktop or laptop computers in the classroom but may not fit the need for every situation. This presentation will focus on the successes and failures of implementing the Chromebook in an engineering classroom designed for collaborative learning. The underlying support technology will also be discussed including VDI and the classroom infrastructure.


Title: Tackling Your Top 3 Print Issues with Ease

Presenter: Alan Morris

Title: Senior Support Engineer

Organization: PaperCut

Presentation Summary: At PaperCut, we know that print and copy management is the key to enabling sustainability. You need to be able to manage both users and printers with ease. Alan will explore how PaperCut can support you with print and copy control, BYOD printing and guest management.  We’ll also explore some of the new and upcoming features of PaperCut including Global Print Drivers and 3D printing and allow plenty of time for your questions too!


9:00am-9:50am Sessions:

Title: Providing the Best Desktop Support with Minimum Staff and Maximum Coffee

Presenter: Steven Praino

Title: Senior Desktop Services Analyst

Organization: SUNY Geneseo Presentation

Presentation Summary: The State University of New York at Geneseo is a small to medium sized campus, and as such, has a small to medium sized staff. We continually strive to provide the best desktop support for users and labs that number in the thousands, and through a recent staff reorganization, we believe we have a winning formula. With the combination of appropriate responsibilities, a few IT systems, and a prodigious amount of coffee, SUNY Geneseo supports a wide range of computing areas with only a handful of staff. Good thing we have a Starbucks on campus.


Title: Agile Service Management: Dressing in Layers

Presenter:  Athanasios Galiopoulos

Title: Manager, Enterprise Collaboration Services

Organization: University of North TExas System

Presentation Summary: An agile approach to service management to adapt to changes in technology over time.  The three Alphas of success (Ability, Accountability, Adaptability) to developing a competitive advantage for you and for your organization and five ways to increase your sustainability and help your team achieve success.


Title: The Adventures of VDI in Student Computer Labs: A Case Study 

Presenters: Scott Arnst, Adam Robinson

Title: Director of Information Technology Services, Unix System Administrator 

Organization: University of Michigan-Flint

Intended Audience: IT support personnel, Librarians, K-12 IT support, K-12 tech managers, Higher

Presentation Summary: A case study review for VDI, with details on technology, various iterations attempted and lessons learned from both the technical and business prospective.


Title: Digital Signage - Delivering the Message 

Presenters Name: Brian Luper, Bill Olson and Nikhil Harmalker 

Organization: Rutgers University

Intended Audience: IT support personnel, Librarians, K-12 IT support, K-12 tech managers, Higher Ed Tech Support

Presentation Summary: Informing student of new services, events and opportunities is a difficult task in a large environment like Rutgers University.  Email is often ignored and traditional signs are easily overlooked in our larger facilities.

The Rutgers Office of Information Technology set forth to develop an initiative that has enabled us to more effectively advertise throughout the labs on campus. By utilizing digital signs of various sizes, as well as the lab desktops, we’ve created a low-cost approach to promote student services and provide pertinent information to our patrons. We will discuss the design process as well as the tools and technologies used for this initiative.


Title: BYOD Service Discovery on Enterprise Networks

Presenting Representative: Scott Herscher  

Workshop Summary: While DNS Service Discovery (aka Bonjour ) has emerged as the de-facto standard for network service discovery, it has struggled to work well on enterprise networks and doesn't have much platform support outside of iOS.  The talk will discuss the latest tools and technologies for bringing DNS Service Discovery to enterprise networks and how to make it work on all the most popular mobile platforms.


10:00am-10:30M BREAK


10:30AM-12:00PM Sustainability through Innovation with Corinne Hill


12:00PM-1:00PM LUNCH


1:00PM-1:50PM Sessions:

Title: Apple Remote Desktop: Best Practices, Tips, and Real World Examples

Presenters: Marques Young and Adam Selby

Organization: University of North Texas College of Arts & Sciences - College Lab Services

Presentation Summary: Learning how to manage Macs and PCs with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) can be one of the most useful tools in your administration arsenal. We'll go over best practices, tips and tricks, as well as some real world examples, all of which will help you make the best use of your tools at hand. If you've never used ARD, we'll show you how easy it can be to remotely update software, install packages, and help users in real time. For those seasoned ARD users, we'll touch on how to organize your terminal commands, setup a task server, show examples of ARD integration with Deploy Studio, and demo some new features in the latest release of ARD. This session will go in depth on key new features, tools, and how to achieve the best user-experience. If you're using ARD to manage faculty/staff workstations, general access computer labs, or classroom environments--we're confident you'll take something away 


Title: Managing Millennials 101: #ItsNotCalledAPoundSignAnymore

Presenter: Beverly Wilks

Title: Student Employment Coordinator

Organization: University of North Texas

 Intended Audience: All, Managers, IT support personnel, Librarians

 Presentation Summary: Learn what you need to know as a manager to understand, lead, shape, inspire, and build loyalty in a predominately millennial workforce.


Title: Creating a Fab Lab in an Academic Library: Democratizing Access to Technology

Presenter: Bob Samson

Title: Head of Library Systems & Technology

Organization: University of Texas at Arlington

Presentation Summary: Fab Labs, Makerspaces, and Hackerspaces are becoming commonplace, but not necessarily in academic libraries.  This session will describe the process through which one university library implemented a Fab Lab with a goal of committing to the Fab Lab charter, making the lab accessible to the entire campus community, and embracing the vision of the library: "CXI - Creation, eXploration, Innovation".


Title: Improving Data Driven Decisions with Sassafras K2

Presenter:  John Tomeny, Patrick McLeod

Title: VP, Sassafras Software; IT Manager, UIT, UNT

Organization: Sassafras and University of North Texas

Presentation Summary: Many IT management systems are effective at counting IT components, deploying components, and at keeping track of where those components are located. Fewer IT systems are effective at managing the 'Asset Value' of those things, and in helping to drive value-driven decisions to achieve cost reduction across the board for hardware, software, and other resources. Budgets continue to trend toward the competitive and as administrators and executives expect data-driven justifications for budget decisions, collecting and reporting  data that supports value-driven decision making is critical for all levels of the IT enterprise. Attend this session to learn how the University of North Texas configured their K2-KeyServer installation to become an efficient data driver for effective procurement and resource allocation decisions among IT customers across the University.


Title: Why You Should Move Printing To The Cloud



Organization: WEPA

Presentation Summary: More and more services are moving to the cloud – why not printing?  Join wēpa’s Product Manager, Daniel Ritchey, to learn how cloud printing with wēpa makes life easier for your students and campus visitors, reduces staff headaches, and saves money for your school.




2:10PM-3:00PM Sessions:

Technical and Physical Design of Collaborative Spaces

BoF Leader: Jeff Guintinavo

Title: Operations and Project Manager

Organization: University of North Texas Libraries

Topic: Discussion of collaborative space design considering both technical and physical demands

Title: Digital Signage in Higher Education

Presenter: Steven Praino

Title: Senior Desktop Services Analyst 

Organization: SUNY Geneseo

Hot Topic Table Discussion Summary: Digital Signage can be a powerful tool for communication to a campus audience. Messages can be informational, promotional, or emergency in nature. Digital menus are also a possibility. Let's all talk about the advantages, challenges, and proven practices for starting or expanding digital signage in a higher education setting.

Title: Mac Deployment Strategies

Presenter: Ryan Ueland, Vasilis Angelogiannos

Title: Computing Support Manager, Network Manager

Organization: University of North Texas, PACS

Topic Summary: Mac usage is growing at higher education institutions across the nation. Deploying, maintaining, and integrating Macs into the education environment is becoming increasingly mission critical. This round table will focus on current strategies for Mac Deployment and possible ways for improvement.

Title: Raising Our Future Overlords

Presenter: James Strawn

Title: Computing Services Manager

Organization: University of North Texas, CAS

Topic Summary: Hiring and managing student employees offers many challenges, but even greater rewards. At this roundtable discussion, we will explore how hiring the right student workers can benefit you, your customers, your institution, as well as the students themselves.


4:00PM-8:00PM Wednesday Night Out sponsored by LabStats


Thursday June 4, 2015

8:00AM-9:30AM Session:

Sustaining Academic Computing Labs for Student Success

Panel: Patrick Washburn, Cornell University; Bernice Green, Spelman College; Dylan Houston, The Evergreen State College; Darrell Lutey, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Cengiz Capan, University of North Texas

Panel Moderator: Judy Hunter

Panel Discussion Summary: The panel will explore trends and the future of computer labs on college and university campuses.  They will discuss the role of labs in student academic success and the impact of cloud computing and BYOD on lab services and support.  We will ask the panel to consider the driving force for services, and whether labs should follow teaching trends or strive to provide teaching options.  Are today’s students actually technically savvy or just adept users of specific apps?  What should labs do, if anything, to ensure students’ success with technology.   A discussion about computer labs would not be complete without addressing the topic of student printing.   The future of technology is a fast moving target.   What is required for the labs of tomorrow?


9:40AM-10:30AM Sessions:

Presentation Title: Building Studios for Video Content Creation: Easier than you'd think... harder than you'd expect...

Presenters Name: Charles Barbour

Title: Educational Technologist

Organization: Academic Technologies - University of Notre Dame 

Intended Audience: Educational Technologists, Space Managers, Content Creators, Librarians, Higher-Ed Tech Managers

Presentation Summary: The Academic Technologies group at the University of Notre Dame recently partnered with the Hesburgh Library and the College of Science to build a One Button Studio and a Lightboard. Both are emerging tools for easy production of video content. I would like to walk attendees through the build process.

In addition to explaining the build process and assembly of the rooms, I'd like to share the lessons we learned and perhaps most importantly, the mistakes we made. Attendees will walk away with an idea of the scope and complexity of the project, time estimates, rough cost estimates and a list of potential pitfalls.

The One Button Studio (  makes it easy for anyone to create high quality video content. With this resource available to students, faculty can now assign video assessments and projects. These kinds of projects simply weren't feasible in the past due to a lack of resources.

The lightboard ( is designed to help faculty create very engaging online content. Its lets faculty create videos that can be used to flip their classes, answer questions in a visual medium, or reinforce concepts introduced in class. The videos capture the viewer's attention since there are no distractions. It's just the instructor, the content and the viewer.

While we didn't invent either of these projects, we have worked with Penn State on the OBS and Michael Peshkin at NorthWestern on the lightboard. We have also provided some advise to TCU on their lightboard and we look forward to sharing our experiences with others.


Presentation Title: Planning and Implementation of a Student Worker Training Program

Presenter: Weston Taylor

Title: Lab and Instructional Technology Specialist

Organization: Colorado College

Intended Audience: Lab administrators who manage student staff

Presentation Summary: Do your student workers lack certain skills? A student workforce needs training on a yearly basis, as experienced students graduate and new students are hired. To effectively help people in a computer lab environment, students need both soft and technical skills.

This presentation describes the design and implementation of a student computer lab technician training series and the results of a study run on the training participants.

Viewers will leave with links to resources that they can use to design student training and an invitation to collaborate on future training initiatives.


Presentation Title: Radmind for Mac Software Deployments

Presenter: Tom Johnson

Title: System Administrator

Organization: Purdue University  

Presentation Summary: One of the first software deployment tools for central administration of Mac OS X back in 2001-2002 was Radmind, an open source UNIX package written at the University of Michigan.  Thirteen years later, Mac managers have far more tools to choose from, most based on layered installer package deployments.  Radmind has a very different approach that gives one PHENOMENAL FILESYSTEM POWERS!!! , very little documentation.

Radmind is certainly not the best tool for all software deployment environments, but it is one worth being aware of since its unique set of features make it very useful for certain situations.


Title: VERALAB as Computer Management Framework 

Presenter: Max Soloviev

Organization: VERALab

Presentation Summary: VeraLab Suite is a collection of user-friendly interfaces and tools designed to increase productivity and efficiency in Computer Lab and Library environments. Every computer lab facility is different. Learn how to set up and customize VeraLab to tailor it to individual requirements using a 'Swiss army knife" approach.

Title: Application Jukebox: Changing the Way Institutions Deliver Software Applications

Presenter: Brian Moriarty

Organization: Software2

Presentation Summary: Imagine if you could……….

·         Improve the student IT experience quickly and easily

·         Enhance your university rankings

·         Deliver any software application to any location

·         Allow assistive learning technology to follow students

·         Do all this at 90% lower cost than VDI


Learn how Application Jukebox is revolutionizing application deployment with a tool that delivers ALL Windows applications on-demand, without installing locally, eliminating the burden of huge desktop images, cost-effectively and with minimal infrastructure and licensing costs.


10:30AM-10:40AM BREAK


10:40AM-11:30AM Sessions:

Title: Sustainable Classroom Support Services

Presenters: Ashley Olsberg, Cengiz Capan, TBD

Title: Classroom Support Services Manager, Associate Dean of Technology & Operations, Student Employee

Organization: University of North Texas

Intended Audience: IT support personnel, Librarians, K-12 IT support, K-12 tech managers, Higher Ed

Presentation Summary:

1-      Sustainable Educational and workplace experiences = how we manage our students to ensure they receive internship credits as well as a living wage all the while beefing up their resume so they can get a job faster upon graduation

2-      Sustainable system design = how we work directly with end users to design our systems eliminating the system overengineering you tend to see when leaning on the private industry and consultants. This saves money and helps to focus system designs to make them more relevant to end users.

3-      Sustainable funding= how we leverage our buying power to spread technology to as many classroom as possible. How we can afford living wages for students because of saving mentioned in point 2 (win-win for UNT as an institution as well as UNT students).


Title: Moving an ITSM to the Cloud

Presenters: Krysta Berry

Title: Process Improvement Manager

Organization: University of North Texas System

Presentation Summary: The move from a locally hosted itsm to a cloud based system can be tricky. It is valuable to consider the benefits of considering a cloud solution.


Presentation Title: Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Online Courses

Presenter: David Wood

Title: DCCCD IT Access Coordinator

Organization: Dallas Colleges Online (DCCCD)

Intended Audience: Faculty, Staff, Web Content Designers, Veterans, Librarians

Presentation Summary: We will discuss technology used by students with disabilities and methods to accommodate students both online and in the traditional classroom.


Presentation Title: You've Got Questions, We've Got ANswers

Presenter: Clint Moses

Organization: LabStats

Presentation Summary: LabStats has been the leading provider or hardware and software utilization analytics in Higher Ed for over 10 years. This presentation will cover examples of how LabStats data is used to make lab management decisions, as well as answer questions about how technology resources are getting used by students. It will also cover how you can provide public availability data to students to help them more easily find access to computers on campus.


11:30AM-12:30PM LUNCH


12:45PM-2:15PM Plenary: Sustain Your Career with Scott Lowe


2:30PM-3:30PM Closing Remarks & Conference Wrap up