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Call for Presentations

16th Annual Academic Lab Managers Conference

Sustaining the Future

June 2 – 4, 2015

University of North Texas

Denton, Texas

LabMan strives to provides a balanced program that meets the variety of skill and interest levels of the conference audience, presented by speakers who represent the diversity of LabMan and the student technology community.

The most impactful sessions come from you! There are many new and exciting ways that people are using technology to enhance education and library experiences.   Please consider helping your peers make the most of their skills and tools by sharing your successes, lessons learned, and best practices.

LabMan has a tradition of using educational conference sessions as a platform for innovation in the field of student computing resource management. We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking, a purpose for which the conference was established.


LabMan is seeking proposals for its 16th annual conference.

We welcome dynamic presentations that

  • inform academic and library IT support personnel about proven practices
  • envision the leading edge of the profession
  • motivate the pursuit of excellence
  • sustain our colleagues through lessons learned, and
  • build skills to bridge into the future.


Presentation proposals can be submitted under one of the four thematic strands that characterize this year’s conference. Each strand explores a different aspect of sustaining the future.

Sustaining the Future:  

  1. Developing and Enhancing Your CareerConsidering your personal career development, how does an individual grow from a academic IT support person to the next phase in their career? Continual development of self even if titles don’t change.  Mentoring programs.
  2. The Future of Student ManagementThe benefits and challenges of connecting, the changing dynamics of managing across generational lines. How to embrace and get the best work from a part-time student workforce without giving up standards.
  3. Technology Innovations and Implementation in EducationAchieving institutional goals through innovation in technology to provide services and resources for constituentsExemplary practices that enhance student achievement and service-learning, conserve natural resources, engage students and faculty, prepare teachers and professors to integrate technology into their curriculum, and support national education trends in technology and innovation
  4. Technology Resources and ImpactInnovative ways to address resources such as print management, power, green technologies.  Programs and projects that exemplify excellence in IT and move the field forward in creative and proven ways. Data analysis, what are you using and whyThe role of balancing services with integrity, economic prosperity, and social equity for all constituents at your facility.


Please read the following descriptions carefully and submit your proposal for the format most appropriate to your presentation. 

Symposium (30/60/90 minutes)
Symposia are panel discussions presenting different perspectives on a topic or question related to one of the focus points for each strand. Panels must include a minimum of three panelists and a moderator, together representing a minimum of three different organizations. A/V equipment is provided.

Traditional Presentation (40 minutes)Traditional presentations focus on a single topic or program, typically including a talk or media presentation followed by a short discussion. A/V equipment is provided.

Roundtable Discussion/Birds of a Feather/Hot Topic (40 minutes)*New this year! Roundtable discussions will be held throughout the conference and there will be a total of seven or eight tables in the same room. Roundtable discussions are informal presentations that emphasize spirited discussion between the presenter(s) and session attendees. Presenters start the discussion by sharing information about the program/question they wish to explore, and then open discussion for input and exchange of ideas. Examples and interactive materials are welcome. No A/V equipment or electricity is available.

Poster(40 minutes)Posters are two-dimensional printed presentations illustrating research studies, programs, or other work. Posters are fixed to portable bulletin boards for conference participants to review at leisure. In addition, the conference program will include a set time for poster presenters to stand at their posters and interact with attendees. No A/V equipment, stands, or electricity is available.

Bright Spots and Great Ideas (12 minutes)*New this year! Bright spots and great ideas are succinct talks that celebrate specific triumphs and showcase things that work! Each presenter will have 12 minutes to highlight such things as important research findings, school programs, community partnerships, conservation achievements, expanded audiences, community engagement, and more. Six great ideas, related by strand, will be presented back-to-back during a 90-minute session.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Rooms for all presentations except roundtable discussions and poster sessions are equipped with a PC laptop (with Office Suite loaded), LCD projector, and screen. No audio-visual equipment is available for roundtable discussions and posters, but presenters may use their own laptops or tablets. Rooms for all presentations, including roundtable discussions and poster sessions, will have wireless Internet access.

How to Submit a Proposal

Presentation Proposal Best Practices

  • Create a presentation title that clearly describes your session in 12 words or less.
  • Write an engaging presentation description that is 150 words or less.
  • Provide a bulleted list of three key audience takeaways.
  • Identify your target audience, which technologies you used, and the level of experience needed to fully grasp the presentation.

 Reasons to Present

  • Share your best practices with peers
  • Influence and enhance IT, student computing services and learning at other institutions
  • Shape student computing services around the world
  • Resume builder and career development
  • Networking

Please help us make this conference useful for all those attending!